TASS: Russians approve of Putin`s activity despite crisis — survey

Russia`s Civil Society Development Foundation (FoRGO) has published a report ”Putin`s Majority: Structure, Dynamics, Political Preferences,” revealing Russians trust President Vladimir Putin despite the economic crisis, 84% of citizens assume that they will vote for him at the next presidential elections, according to Russian news agency TASS.
The report, available to TASS, is based on a survey of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) conducted on an order from FoRGO in April.
”Despite certain social and economic difficulties, citizens keep trusting Russian President Vladimir Putin. The activity of the president of the Russian Federation is approved by 82% of those polled. A total of 84% of respondents assume that they might vote for him at the presidential elections,” the report said.
Party unanimity
According to sociologists, Putin is backed by supporters of not only the United Russia Party but also other parties. Among respondents ready to vote at the parliamentary elections for United Russia, 96% approve of the president`s activity, the same number assume that they could vote for him at the presidential elections, the report said.
Among supporters of the Communist Party (KPRF), a total of 76% approves of Putin`s activity on the presidential post and 79% assume for themselves a possibility to vote for him. Among supporters of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR), there are 69% and 76% of such nationals respectively.
Out of respondents planning to vote at the elections to the State Duma for A Just Russia party, 77% approve of Putin`s activity and 87% do not rule out that they will vote for him.
”Putin is also backed by supporters of other political parties, including those that represent the non-systemic opposition. His activity finds approval with 64% and the same share admits the possibility to give him their votes at the elections,” the report said.
Cities, towns, and villages
There are more representatives of ”Putin`s majority” in large cities, while there are fewer of them in the country and small towns. Thus, 87% of residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg approve of the activity of the current president, and 89% are ready to vote for him. In smaller cities with populations of over 1 million, there are 79 and 81% of such people respectively.
Among residents of towns with populations of over 500,000 people, Putin`s activity is approved by 84%, and 83% are ready to vote for him. In towns with populations of up to 100,000, the trust level to Putin is 80%, and 84% assume the possibility to vote for him. In villages, the figures are 81% and 85% respectively.
Among women, 83% approve of Putin`s activity and 85% assume the possibility to vote for him at elections. Among men, 81% support the Russian president`s activity and 82% said they could vote for him at the elections.
The VTsIOM survey was conducted April 16-17 in 130 inhabited localities of 46 regions, with 1,600 people polled. The margin of error does not exceed 3.5%, the report said.

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