Talks continue with Russian intelligence to postpone ultimatum – Donbas battalion commander

Ukrainian troops are in contact with the intelligence of Russian paratroopers to defer the deadline of the militants’ ultimatum.
Battalion Donbas commander Semen Semenchenko wrote on his Facebook page.
“We had to get in touch with the intelligence squadron of the Russian Federation to delay a term of the ultimatum, so that the command could be received,” the battalion commander wrote.
According to him, one of the Russian military units is not aware of the arrangements for the organization of a corridor for the exit from the encirclement and gave two hours for Ukrainian security forces. “The military unit, that surrounded soldiers near Chervonopolske, knows nothing about the arrangements and gave another two hours. I hope that it’s just a slow gear of the military bureaucracy,” Semenchenko said.
He added that the President and the National Guard Commander are informed about the situation.
The battalion commander also specified that there are three traps near Ilovaisk: Novokaterynivka, Starobesheve and Chervonopolske.

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