Switzerland rejects Denmark and Germany’s requests to supply armored personnel carriers and ammunition to Ukraine

Germany and Denmark have been denied permission to hand over Swiss-made armored personnel carriers and ammunition to Ukraine.

Source: The Swiss government

“The Swiss government has not allowed Denmark and Germany to supply Ukraine with about 20 Piranha III infantry fighting vehicles and ammunition for Swiss-made Gepard anti-aircraft systems.”

The government said that the supply of Swiss weapons violated the law on military supplies. It bans the export of weapons to warring countries. The Swiss administration underscored that Russia and Ukraine are involved in the conflict and, therefore, they would not honour the transfer of Swiss-made weapons to the battleground.

The report mentioned that the German government has requested the transfer of 2,400 Swiss-made 35mm ammunitions for the Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and the Piranha III armored personnel carrier. The weapons were originally purchased by Copenhagen and have been stored in Berlin after their decommissioning.

This is not the first case of Switzerland rejecting arms supplies to Ukraine.

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