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State Property Fund of Ukraine sells Kostiantynivska hydropower plant for UAH 64 mln

The State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU) has sold Kostiantynivska hydropower plant at an auction to Kyiv`s Altgen company for UAH 64 million, which is 4.6 times more than the starting price of the company, the press service of the SPF reported.

”Kostiantynivska HPP was sold for UAH 64 million to Altgen company. This company belongs to the group of companies, which has been engaged in the production of electricity since 2012, it has four hydroelectric power plants in Khmelnytskiy region and is currently building three hydropower stations in Khmelnytskiy and Ternopil regions,” the report says.

Seventeen investors applied to participate in the bidding. One company was not allowed because of the failure to comply with all fixed investment and organizational conditions specified in the official announcement of the State Property Fund. Accordingly, 16 potential buyers participated in the auction.

The Fund noted that the actual starting price after the disclosure of investors` proposals was UAH 40 million.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the State Property Fund sold a closed Myhiyivska HPP at auction for UAH 52.5 million to Emza company, which is almost five times higher than the initial price.

The buyer will have to resume work of Myhiyivska HPP and to maintain the profile of its activities in electricity generation within five years.

Altgen company was established in Kyiv in 2015. Its main activity is the production of electricity.

Myhiyivska and Kostiantynivska hydropower plants are part of the supply structure of Mykolaivoblenergo.


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