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State Department: Kremlin openly lying about Ukraine

The U.S. State Department does not see as a fight for influence the expansion of broadcasting in Ukrainian and Russian languages as part of the resolution that calls for the fight against Kremlin propaganda.
State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf said this at a briefing on Thursday, Voice of America reported.
“It’s not a fight for influence. It’s a fight for the people of Ukraine, and indeed the entire region, to get the truth about what’s happening on the ground. We have seen an incredible amount of Russian propaganda – much of it blatant lies, much of it incredibly distorted – put out there about the situation on the ground,” Harf said.
While commenting on a resolution passed by the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress, which characterizes the Russian authorities as an authoritarian regime, she stressed that the current relations between Washington and Moscow are “a direct result of Russian activity, of Russian incursions into eastern Ukraine – moving tanks, moving people, moving weapons.”
All of the above steps, she added, are a direct violation of international law.
“So the relationship we have today is because Russia has chosen to go down a certain path. If they go down a different one, we’ll have a different relationship,” Harf said.

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