Special unit Kyiv-Center releases two Ukrainian captives

Soldiers of the special unit Kyiv-Center released from captivity two Ukrainian military of the medical-sanitary unit of the 93rd Detached Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They are Major Denys Zakusylov and private soldier Vitaliy Iskra.
They were successfully delivered to Kyiv, accompanied by the Kyiv-Center soldiers, Censor. Net informs.
Ukrainian military got into captivity during a breakthrough from the Ilovaisk trap. Militants transported the captives to Donetsk. Zakusylov and Iskra spent more than 30 days in captivity. They suffered from numerous shell fragment wounds. Following their arrival in Kyiv, they received proper medical assistance at one of private clinics of Kyiv.
The Kyiv-Center unit organized a special operation on the release of hostages jointly with the SBU.
The Kyiv-Center was set up and is headed by Kyiv businessman Viacheslav Konstantynovsky. The special unit participates in combat actions in the ATO area as a part of the 95th Airborne Brigade.

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