Spain donated 15 ambulances to Ukraine as humanitarian aid

Ukraine received 15 ambulances from Spain as humanitarian aid.

Source: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Medical vehicles were packed with modern equipment, including defibrillators, cardiographs and other medical devices. In addition, cars were loaded with almost 2 tons of various medicines.

The ambulances were distributed among several law enforcement agencies. In particular, the State Border Guard Service received 10  vehicles to transport the sick and wounded.

In total, the Spanish community sent 30 medical vehicles to Ukraine, 24 of which were for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

On the way back, Spanish medics will take for treatment and rehabilitation 8 Ukrainian soldiers who were wounded in the fighting. Another 16 border guards were taken to Spain by doctors for treatment the day before.

No less valuable, though symbolic, was a gift from the daughter of one of our Spanish friends, who was delivering humanitarian aid. Girl Andrea presented a drawing with the national symbols of Ukraine in support of Ukrainian soldiers.

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