Sokolovsky: Ukraine should buy more expensive Western gas than finance aggressor

Ukraine is better to buy natural gas in Western markets, even at a higher price than in Russia, but in any case not to finance the aggressor, member of the Kyiv Energy Club Q-Club, former presidential envoy on energy issues, Bohdan Sokolovsky said at a round table in Ukrinform on Thursday.
“When I say that Russian gas, at least this season, can be replaced by the western, that is, even the Russian, but from Western markets, one should not prioritize the price – the price at time of war is not a priority,” Sokolovsky said.
According to the expert, the rejection of Russian gas is a necessary measure, but the measure is needed, because “giving the aggressor the opportunity to earn and then to buy weapons for those money that kill our people – this has never happened before.”
Sokolovsky said that, according to experts, the technical ability to export reverse gas exists, but there are two aspects – legal and whether we are still expected in the western gas markets.

24.07.2014 15:29

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