Situation in Odesa under full control of Police: Dekanoidze

The law enforcers have managed to prevent provocations and violations of public order in the city, said the chief of National Police, Khatia Dekanoidze late Monday.
”Now the situation is calm in Odesa. 3,500 law enforcers are out there to  maintain public order in the city, including three battalions of patrol police and the National Guard,” she wrote on Facebook.
At this, Dekanoidze assured that all events scheduled for the coming days will take place under close police attention.
”We once again call upon the citizens not to violate the law As in Odessa, as in other cities. The police have enough forces and means to prevent violations of the right of Ukrainians to live in peace,” said the chief of the National Police.
Then she reported on the chronology of events in Odesa, on the anniversary of the tragedy. Dekanoidze said that in the morning and throughout the day, several bomb reports were recorded on a 102 police emergency line regarding the area of the Kulikove field. Police cordoned off the venue as a bomb squad examined the territory.
”While patrolling the city, police found a bag with three grenades; a smoke bomb was seized, as well as a gas canister, the St.George ribbons [paraphernalia used to identify pro-Russian stance] and leaflets of provocative nature,” she said.
In addition, she said, more than a dozen people were taken to the police station for questioning: five of them – for anti-Ukrainian slogans during the attempts to break into the Kulikove field; four were detained for street fights, and several intoxicated individuals were detained for aggressive behavior in public.
The chief of National Police also noted the events surrounding the arrival in Odesa airport of the representatives from the Opposition Bloc who intended to take part in the rally at the Kulikove field.
”The people`s deputies were blocked by civil society activists at the airport. Due to the talks with the participation of Deputy Interior Minister Serhiy Yarovyi and a local police chief Giorgi Lortkipanidze, the escalation of the situation has been avoided,” said Dekanoidze.

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