Shvaika contends everything is all right with food in Luhansk

To date, there is no reason to speak of a humanitarian catastrophe in Luhansk region, caused by the lack of food supply.
Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Ihor Shvaika told a briefing in the Cabinet on Wednesday, Ukrinform reports.
“Food is supplied to Luhansk at this time.
“At this time, food is supplied to Luhansk. There are our Armed Forces and the National Guard, provided with food, which is in accord with the locals. A typical picture of Luhansk and surrounding areas is canned meat, from which with the help of cereals the food is made for the military. There is food there,” Shvaika assured.
He noted that today the army is tasked to clear terrorists from Luhansk, who damaged the communications that led to the blackout of the city, and to resume its engineering systems in the shortest possible time.
13.08.2014 16:41

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