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The Security Service of Ukraine can’t ban President of Moldova to entry Ukraine despite his pro-Russian statement

The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) Press Service Olena Gitlyanska states that the President of Moldova Igor Dodon who has told that the annexed Crimea belongs to the Russian Federation during his electoral campaign, cannot be forbidden to entry into Ukraine.

The SSU says that Igor Dodon has a special status of border crossing as diplomatic persons.

Leader of the Party of Socialists pro-Russian politician Igor Dodon won the round with 52.18% of votes in the Presidential Election that took place in Moldova on November 13, 2016.

Igor Dodon stated that the annexed Crimea belonged to the Russian Federation during his electoral campaign:

“There is excessive speculation on this issue. The Crimea is de-facto currently a part of Russia. Legally, this fact hasn’t been recognized by the West and the majority of countries. I don’t know whether it will be recognized in the foreseeable future. What will Igor Dodon do, recognize the annexation or not? There are too many risks here. We have Transnistria. I don’t think that we can afford to make any mistakes in this direction without causing problems with Transnistria. However, by default, the Crimea is currently a part of the Russian Federation. Legally, this fact hasn’t been recognized by anybody, including the Republic of Moldova,” Dodon stated on November 1 in his interview with Radio Europe Liberă.


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