Security forces ambushed near Ilovaisk – Semenchenko

The Ukrainian military column was ambushed near Ilovaisk, when trying to get out of the encirclement independently. Now, the troops occupied the defense perimeter and are fighting.
Commander of the Donbas battalion Semen Semenchenko wrote on his Facebook page.
“Trying to independently get out of the encirclement, not waiting for help, a column of our brothers was ambushed. Now, they took the defense perimeter and are fighting. They need urgent help,” Semenchenko emphasizes.
He says that all data were reported to the commander the National Guard and the Interior Minister, they know the location of the column and the ways to help them.
“I’m on this bloody bed and not able to do anything, just pick off the phone and pray that the best sons of Ukraine survived in this bloody carousel,” the battalion commander worries.

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