Security & Defense Council chief: new threats require innovative approaches

Secretary of Ukraine`s National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov says that new external threats and challenges require innovative approaches.

”Complex modern realities, new external challenges and threats set highly sensitive tasks to the intelligence service, require innovative approaches to the protection of national interests,” he said on Thursday, December 1, in his greetings on the 25th anniversary of Ukraine`s Foreign Intelligence Service.

”Thanks to dedicated work you achieve significant results at the forefront of our state, taking part in the Anti-Terrorist Operation, as well as far outside Ukraine,” he said, addressing intelligence service personnel.

”Members of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine today honorably complete the tasks of the state leaders, implement the National Intelligence Program for 2016-2020 aimed at improving intelligence activities and strengthening the intelligence capability of Ukraine,” Turchynov said.

The NSDC chief said he is confident that the efficient work and proactivity of the Foreign Intelligence Service will ensure significant achievements in safeguarding society and the state against external threats.

He also thanked intelligence veterans for their military service and a considerable contribution to the patriotic education of the next generation.

”On the occasion of the professional holiday, I cordially wish all the personnel good health, optimism, and self-reliance aimed at the solution of the assigned tasks. I wish you the successful realization of your plans for life and ideas, harmony and family welfare, inspiration and new achievements for the sake of Ukraine,” he added.

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