Secret warehouse of Russian demining unit near Donetsk kindergarten revealed

Ukrainian volunteer intel community InformNapalm reported on its latest discovery as a result of OSINT efforts.

InformNapalm published pictures showing a demining system UR-77 Meteorite, BKT RK2 or TMK-2 vehicle and charges for the UZP demining system, which contain 725 kg of PVV-7 explosive each.

”It is assumed that the warehouse is used for storage of explosives, mines, as well as charges for demining systems. We remind you that one ammunition set for UR-77 (two UZP-77 charges) alone is 1,450 kg of plastic explosive substances,” the report reads.

According to the map, civilian households are located nearby (less than 200 meters away). On Yebiseyska Street, some 340 meters away, there is a kindergarten.

Volunteers were able to identify the soldiers of 75 Russian military units that had been deployed in Ukraine by the order of their commanders. 

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