SBU detained sabotage group trained in the GRU special camp

SSU Press Center reports that in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on May 30-31, 2015, was detained a sabotage group of three Ukrainian citizens who were trained to for commit terrorist acts. The members of this sabotage group were recruited by the special services of the Russian Federation and received subversive training in the GRU special camp in Krasnodar Territory (Russia). A a special operation on neutralizing of this sabotage-reconnaissance group involved in high-profile crimes was provided by the SSU officers jointly with the Alpha special forces.

The terrorists are suspected of participation in committing nine high-profile crimes, including: explosion targeting a railway line near the Novozhanovo station of the South railways; attempted explosion of tanks with liquefied gas near the village of Bezludivka; shelling of the military registration and enlistment office of Ordzhonikidze and Frunze districts in Kharkiv, and also a volunteer organization office in the Lebedynska street in September 2014.

“The offenders were seized of Vintorez and SVD sniper rifles, a MPO-A jet-propelled flamethrower, Kalashnikov assault rifles, Makarov pistols, a 6P9 silenced pistol, approximately 2000 different rounds, under-barrel grenade launchers, mines, TNT and plastic explosives weighing over 8 kg, more than 80 various grenades, 240 detonators and other firing devices. Subversives received arms for terrorist attacks from GRU representatives,” says the report.





The offenders were notified of a suspicion of having committed crimes under Article 113 (sabotage), Part 2 Article 258 (act of terrorism) and Part 1 Article 263 (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosive devices) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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