Saakashvili: Ukraine needs to halve government staff

Ukraine, in order to achieve more effective work, needs to reduce the government staff not by 10-15%, but by at least two times.
President of Georgia (2004-2007; 2008-2013) Mikheil Saakashvili said this in an interview with Censor.Net news website.
“According to my assessment, it is necessary for Ukraine to reduce the state apparatus at least by half, and it should be done immediately. This is the minimum of what should be done now,” Saakashvili said.
According to him, the reduction of officials’ salaries will not give positive results.
“If the salaries of the existing government staff are cut, as is happening now in Ukraine – it is a disaster. This way you get an internal enemy that will do harm. Thus, if there is a need to reduce wages then it is necessary not to reduce [wages], but to immediately dismiss an employee. Secondly, a 10-15-20% reduction [in wages] gives nothing,” he added.

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