Saakashvili: Putin goes too far in Ukrainian issue, losses for Russia inevitable

Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone too far in the Ukrainian issue and Russia will not do without losses, Georgia’s former President Mikheil Saakashvili believes.
“I have traveled a lot to Ukraine in recent months. And people talk about reforms, people want to avoid corruption, that there was no continuation of the old practices. Actually, people are very mobilized for war, but the least they want it. However, this is not the choice of the Ukrainian people. I think that Russia has no prospects. Putin already is unable to walk out of the situation safe. He is out of control. Crimea seemed to him so easy that he probably thought that now he will go and there will be Anschluss: east of Ukraine will break away, south will break away and all will surrender, and the great Russian empire will be restored,” he told the Ukraina television channel.
According to him, “the U.S. Ambassador to the UN directly quoted that the arguments that Russia is now providing on Ukraine – the same Churkin, the same Lavrov and the whole entourage of Putin – were cited as an example before the invasion of Georgia.”
“That is, there is nothing good about it. Americans once again remembered it that the situations are very similar and Putin’s ambitions are very similar. And we hope that Ukraine will be able to prevent the worst. And the worst – a full scale invasion. Though, of course, Putin is considering various options,”- Saakashvili said.

11.08.2014 11:04

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