Rutte predicts Dutch Senate to support EU-Ukraine Association

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte predicts that the country`s Senate (parliament`s upper house) on May 30 will support the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, which will pave way for the government to ratify the deal, Radio Svoboda reports.

”My forecast is that the Senate will support it next week. Then the Dutch government can ratify the association agreement,” Rutte told Radio Svoboda, which quoted him in Ukrainian.

”This [the vote] should take place next week, on Tuesday. We had a good debate on the issue last Tuesday [May 23], so now we can vote and ratify it. This is a very positive thing for the EU, Ukraine and Russia, because it will help stabilize the situation in the region,” Rutte said.

Earlier, on February 23, the second chamber of the Dutch Parliament upheld a government-proposed bill providing for the ratification of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement. The document must be ratified by the Senate.

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