Russia’s strikes at Kyiv were a signal to the United States, – Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine

Russia has struck at Kyiv to signal to the United States. There is no risk of a re-attack by Russian troops on the Ukrainian capital now.

Source: Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine Kaimo Kuusk

“On the one hand, Russia undoubtedly wants to block the flow of military aid from the West, and on the other hand, it can be seen as a signal to the United States. Two years later, the American ambassador was finally appointed to Kyiv, and on June 1, President Zelensky was presented with credentials.”

According to the diplomat, there is no risk of another attempt to capture Kyiv by Russian troops.

“First, they should capture Siverskodonetsk and move on from there. They did not cope with it, they were repulsed from Kharkiv. I do not see an attack on Kyiv now,” Kuusk said.

According to the Ambassador, the end of the war depends on the provision of military assistance to Ukraine.

“The war will end in victory for Ukraine. How quickly this will happen depends entirely on how quickly the West supplies Ukraine with the weapons it asks for.”

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