Russians want to make a “human shield” from children in occupied south

The mayor of Melitopol said on August 15, 2022, that the occupation authorities of Melitopol (south of Ukraine) are inventing “new rules” for parents of school-age children.

Source: The mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov

The occupiers want to make a “human shield” from children.

According to the mayor, the occupation authorities force parents to write statements that the collective of educational institutions is not responsible for the lives of children.

“In addition, locals report a case when Russian soldiers entered the building while children were taking Russian tests in one of the schools. The purpose of the visit was said to be the search for explosives.”

The mayor of Melitopol emphasized that all Melitopol schools would work online according to the Ukrainian program. An online platform has been developed that enables children to study remotely.

The mayor also stated that after blowing up bridges in the Kherson region, the local “leadership” of the occupiers flees to Melitopol. At the same time, Russian soldiers in Melitopol are taking their families out of the city.

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