Russians shelled the maternity hospital in Kherson: photos

The Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko noted on December 27, 2022, that Russian troops fired at a maternity hospital in Kherson, fortunately without civilian casualties.

Source: The Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko

“Terrorists [Russian soldiers – ed.]once again aimed at children’s lives. Two babies were born in this maternity ward today. One of the babies was born a few minutes before the walls of the maternity ward were destroyed by Russian shells,” wrote the Minister of Health of Ukraine.

According to Viktor Liashko, Russia insidiously fired at another maternity hospital in Kherson.

“Did the terrorists know where they were aiming? In the 11th month of the war, I can confidently say, yes it is. Because every day our hospitals and maternity hospitals become targets for Russian missiles and projectiles,” added the Minister of Health of Ukraine.

Fortunately, this time, neither babies and mothers nor the hospital workers were injured.

Viktor Liashko noted that not having success on the battlefield, Russia was trying to fight with newly born Ukrainians.

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