Russians shelled a village in the north of Ukraine: photos

The Snovsk City Council informed on February 27, 2023, that Russian troops shelled a village of Yeline in the Chernihiv region (north of Ukraine). As a result, 2 houses of residents burned down.

Source: The Snovsk City Council

“On February 26, 2023, afternoon, Russian military once again shelled the village of Yeline in the Snovsk community with artillery. This time, thank God, there were no victims, but residents’ property was damaged and destroyed. A fire broke out as a result of the impact of the projectiles. Two residential houses of civilians and two farm buildings were destroyed by fire,” reported the Snovsk City Council.

The Snovsk City Council added that thanks to the prompt and coordinated actions of the firefighters, they managed to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading to other residential and commercial buildings.

“Residents of the village, who remained in Yeline were proposed to be evacuated, but no people were willing. Now there are less than 20 residents left in the village,” said the Snovsk City Council.

On February 1, 2023, four people were killed and one person was injured in Yeline due to a Russian mine hitting a cellar.

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