Russians dropped a grenade on police officers near Kherson, 4 of them were injured: photos

The police of the Kherson region noted on March 4, 2023, that Russian military dropped a grenade from a drone at a police car in which the law enforcement officers were on their way to a call. 4 policemen were injured.

Source: The police of the Kherson region

“A police investigative team in Antonivka came under Russian fire. The law enforcement officers were driving to a call in a police car when Russian military launched a drone and dropped a grenade on car. Four police officers were injured. They were hospitalized, all with shrapnel wounds and contusions,” informed the police of the Kherson region.

The police added that Russian troops continue to strike civilian infrastructure and civilian dwellings in Beryslav and Kherson districts with MLRS, artillery, tanks, mortars and UAVs. The enemy hit residential areas and power lines, causing one death and injuries among the civilian population. A 33-year-old tractor driver was killed during the Russian shelling of Tomaryne village.

“In the regional center, Russian soldiers attacked a utility company, wounding an employee, and apartment buildings and private houses in the center were damaged. A power line was damaged in the village of Chornobaivka. The police opened 25 criminal proceedings on war crimes committed by the Russian army in the Kherson region on March 3, 2023,” concluded the police of the Kherson region.

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