Russian tugboat with personnel and weapons was hit by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Black Sea

The naval forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit a tugboat of the Russian occupiers while transporting an anti-aircraft missile system “TOR”, personnel, ammunition and weapons to the Snake Island in the Black Sea.

Source: The Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

“The Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit another “no analogues” Russian tugboat with an anti-aircraft missile system “TOR” on board. The tugboat of the Russian Black Sea Fleet “Vasily Bekh” was hit during its transportation to the Snake Island of ammunition, weapons and personnel. Even the presence of the “TOR” anti-aircraft missile system on board did not prevent the Ukrainian Navy from demilitarizing Russian invaders.”

According to preliminary data, 70% of the crew was affected, the fate of the rest is unknown. Russian ships are trying to conduct a search and rescue operation.

Currently, Snake Island is controlled by Russian troops. However, the Ukrainian military regularly report about the destruction of occupiers’ equipment on the island.

Uaposition memo: The tugboat of 1605 tons of displacement was accepted into the Russian Black Sea Fleet in 2017.

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