Russian troops shelled a village in the Kherson region, a couple was killed

The Kherson Regional Military Administration reported that Russian military shelled a village of Antonivka in the Kherson region (south of Ukraine) on February 20, 2023. As a result, a man and a woman were killed.

Source: The Kherson Regional Military Administration

“Russian troops attacked the village of Antonivka – two civilians were killed,” noted the Kherson Regional Military Administration.

The Kherson Regional Military Administration added that when one of the Russian shells exploded nearby, local residents, a husband and wife, received a mine-explosive injury. The victims died on the spot.

“It is known that the man was an employee of the regional children’s clinical hospital. Today was the last day for a couple of brave residents of the Kherson region who stayed on their native land and helped others because of an insidious enemy [the Russian army – ed.],” informed the Kherson Regional Military Administration.

In addition, according to the information of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, Russian soldiers attacked the Kherson region 58 times on February 20, 2023. Peaceful settlements of the region suffered from shelling from rocket launchers, mortars, artillery, tanks, UAVs, and rockets were also fired at the region.

“The Russian army also attacked Kherson 6 times. As a result of shelling, residential buildings were damaged in the city,” concluded the Kherson Regional Military Administration.

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