Russian troops hit a public transport stop, at least 8 people died: photos

Russian occupiers hit with artillery a public transport stop in Toretsk, Donetsk region (east of Ukraine), killing at least 8 people and 4 were injured on August 4.

Source: Head of Donetsk Region Military Administration Pavlo Kyrylenko

“8 people dead, and 4 injured – these are the consequences of the shelling of Toretsk, which the Russians carried out around 11 a.m. today. Three children are among the four injured. According to preliminary information, artillery was fired. Russians hit a public transport stop, where there was a crowd of people at that time. In addition, the Russians damaged the church and injured the local priest, and destroyed the surrounding high-rise buildings.”

He added that the Russian occupiers hit civilians every day.

“All those who still remain in Donetsk are putting themselves in mortal danger!”

He asked all residents of the region to be evacuated in time.

Earlier, the Government of Ukraine introduced the mandatory evacuation of residents of unoccupied areas of the Donetsk region before the start of the heating season.

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