Russian tanks invade Ukraine – Azov battalion deputy commander

Azov battalion deputy commander Ihor Mosiychuk has reported an invasion of a large number of tanks, Grad multiple rocket launchers and howitzers through the Ukrainian-Russian border.
He wrote this on his page on Facebook.
“A full-scale invasion! This information has been fully confirmed by border guards and volunteers. Near the settlements of Marchenko and Shcherbak, not far from Novoazovsk, about 30 tanks with sketched Russian labels and under the symbols of the so-called DPR broke through the Ukrainian-Russian border. This convoy of armored vehicles is moving toward Telmanove and Amvrosiyivka,” Mosiychuk said.
According to the report, a huge number of Grad launchers and howitzers broke into Ukraine near Novoazovsk. DPR terrorists and Russian aggressors are firing at a bakery in Novoazovsk with grenade launchers. The offensive on Novoazovsk and Mariupol is going on.

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