Russian Su-35 fighters attacked the Kherson region with aerial bombs

The Operational Command Pivden (South) informed that on March 24, 2023, two Russian Su-35 fighter jets attacked the Beryslav district of the Kherson region (south of Ukraine) with guided aerial bombs. There is destruction.

Source: The Operational Command Pivden (South)

“The Russian army continues to put pressure on the local population of the liberated right bank of the Kherson region. Loosing the positions on the left bank, Russian troops use aviation. Yesterday, two Su-35 fighter jets attacked the Beryslav district with guided aerial bombs. The building of the rescue unit was damaged. Without human losses,” explained the Operational Command Pivden (South).

Later, the Operational Command Pivden added that Russian military tried to attack Kherson from the Bastion coastal missile complex by firing Oniks-type missiles. But missiles were destroyed by Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In addition, Russian soldiers shelled the Kherson region almost 70 times on March 24, 2023. 23 missile “arrivals” were recorded in the regional center. Russian shells hit residential quarters, private and apartment buildings, as well as a medical facility. Two civilians were killed, and six were injured.

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