Russian soldiers shelled the hospital in the Kherson region, a man was injured: photos

The Kherson Regional Military Administration informed that Russian troops did not stop targeting medical facilities in the Kherson region. On February 15, 2023, they shelled a hospital in Beryslav. An employee of the hospital was injured.

Source: The Kherson Regional Military Administration

“Today, Russian military again shelled the hospital in Beryslav. Russian shells hit the boiler room — the room from which heat is provided to the medical facility was destroyed. An employee of the facility was injured as a result of the Russian attack. Doctors are currently fighting for his life,” explained the Kherson Regional Military Administration.

Earlier, the Kherson Regional Military Administration reported that Russian troops shelled the Kherson region 38 times on February 14, 2023.

“Peaceful settlements were attacked by MLRS, mortars and artillery. The Russian army also attacked Kherson 9 times. The medical facility and residential buildings were damaged by shelling. Yesterday, 2 people were injured in the Kherson region due to Russian shelling,” added the Kherson Regional Military Administration.

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