Russian soldiers pulled to Ukrainian border again

Russia continues to increase the concentration of troops near the Ukrainian border.
Spokesman of the NSDC Information and Analytical Center Andriy Lysenko says.
“In Russia, deployment of the three BM-21 and drones on the positions were revealed in the direction of Yekatyerinovka (Russia) – Shevchenko (Ukraine),” the Spokesman said.
In addition, near Malinovka and Naumovka, Belgorod region, a large group of Russian soldiers was fixed. “Up to 1,000 soldiers, 12 tanks T-72BM, 52 BTR-80/82A, 12 mortars of various calibers, 4 SAM Osa, 2 SAM 9K35 Strela-10 and 2 anti-aircraft installations ZU-23,” Lysenko said.
In addition, as the Spokesman said, on the highway Pogar (Russia) – Starodub (Russia) movement of 10 KamAZ automobiles was observed.
The Spokesman noted that three Russian checkpoints Novoshakhtinsk, Gukovo and Kuibyshev suspended their work on the border.
02.08.2014 14:21

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