Russian soldiers of 9th motor-rifle regiment of first army corps of Russian Federation Armed Forces captured Kominternove

On December 22 the 9th motor-rifle regiment of the first army corps of the Russian Federation Armed Forces seized Kominternove located in the “grey zone” supported by armored vehicles and an 82-mm mortar unit.

They took hold of the western outskirts and started installing engineering equipment and fortifications as well as started mining the area.  Ukrainian troops reinforced intelligence activities and put all equipment on combat alert but did not get to provocations and refrained from combat response because of Minsk agreements. They also called the monitors of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to the spot. As a result militants had to withdraw a part of equipment and personnel from the town. At the same time as per intelligence reports militants increase their presence in Kominternove under the guise of civilians. These “peaceful residents” also provided testimony to the OSCE SMM saying that “Ukrainian troops were entering the town from time to time”.

Russian soldiers’ combat actions continued on December 27. Sniper also fired upon the representatives of the OSCE SMM. Shells landed seven-eight meters away from the monitors. Colonel Rustam Yakubov of the Russian Federation was personally controlling the operation. As of December 29 80-100 soldiers are deployed to Kominternove. A part of them keep presenting themselves as civilians.

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  1. It is well known that the Ukranian army never killed a single civilian in eastern Ukraine, never bombed civilian houses or residential areas, never destroyed any infrastructure. Only rebels shelled their own family and destroyed their schools,hospitals, and factories, just for spite. The ukranian army only recruits angels, such as the Azov battalion. They do not honour either Petlioura or Bandera. One good point in this dark hole: the opposition won, the mark of a substantial democratic effort, not seen in Russia, but hardly a proof of the quality of Kiev’s politic.

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