Russian-separatist forces are responsible for the violations of the ceasefire and Minsk agreements – Ambassador Baer to OSCE Permanent Council

Ambassador Daniel B. Baer states in the report to the Permanent Council on May 28, 2015, that Russian-separatist forces are responsible for the violations of the ceasefire and Minsk agreements.


“Russian-separatist forces are responsible for the overwhelming majority of the ceasefire violations as they attack Ukrainian positions on the Ukrainian side of the line of contact, in clear violation of the Minsk agreements. Each Russian-separatist attack, each new provocation of a defensive response, is a violation that makes a real ceasefire more difficult to attain,” states the US Ambassador OSCE

Ambassador Daniel B. Baer underlines that the Russian Federation continues to support Russia-backed terrorists in Eastern Ukraine and makes a big damage:

“Russian support for the separatists and active participation continues to fuel the violence in eastern Ukraine. In the last week, combined Russian-separatist forces attacked a coke and chemical plant in Avdiivka, 13 kilometers from Donetsk. The Avdiivka coke and chemical plant employs over 30,000 people, and serves as a temporary home for many who are unable to return safely to their houses in nearby areas.”

“These attacks by combined Russian-separatist forces threaten both the security of the area and the economy. Russia and the separatists insist they are concerned about the residents of eastern Ukraine. Yet, by destroying the plant, all they will have accomplished is to damage the region’s economy, destroy more lives, and further destabilize Ukraine.”

“Once again, we have evidence that Russia’s aggression has tremendous human costs.”

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