Russian missile attack on Vinnytsia city center: dozens of dead civilians, including children

The Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia in the west-central part of Ukraine was hit by Russian missiles on July 14, 2022, at least 20 people including three children were killed.

Source: National Police, Deputy Head of Presidential Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko; State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Tymoshenko quote: “Currently, 20 people have been killed in a rocket attack against the city, including three kids.” 90 people sought medical assistance.

Preliminary data shows that 3 Russian missiles struck a building containing office space. The strike also affected the nearby Officers’ House.

The place where the “arrivals” were located caught fire and spread to the parking lot. There are currently 50 cars on the fire. The site is being rescued by rescuers.

Soon after 25 cars were completely destroyed, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported.

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