Russian lawyers refused to cooperate with the aggressor state in the International Court of Justice

Russia’s lawyers in the International Court of Justice refused to further cooperate with Russia, including cases against the Russian Federation initiated by Ukraine.

Source: First Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova

“It is impossible to represent in forums dedicated to the application of the Law a state that so cynically despises it,” wrote Alan Pelle, a world-class scientist and professor of international law at the University of Paris, who until February 24, 2022, was Russia’s lawyer in the International Court of Justice.

According to Dzhaparova, professor Pelle in an open letter to “Russian friends said that “Russia’s deadly attack trampled” the principles of international law that are recognized by the entire civilized community.

“Russia has become toxic even for those who, despite everything, continued to work for it after 2014,” Dzhaparova said.

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