Russian ‘humanitarian convoy’ leaves for Luhansk – Russian Foreign Ministry

The Russian authorities have decided to start the movement of a “humanitarian convoy” in the direction of Luhansk, reads a statement posted on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday.
“The Russian side has decided to begin acting. Our convoy with humanitarian cargo is starting to move in the direction of Luhansk. Of course, we are ready for it being escorted by ICRC representatives and their participation in the distribution of the aid,” reads the statement.
The Russian Foreign Ministry also appealed to terrorists operating in eastern Ukraine, on preventing the disruption of a humanitarian mission to residents of Luhansk. Moscow warned its mercenaries against provocations.
“We have advised all sides against making any attempts to disrupt this purely humanitarian mission, which has been prepared for a long period of time amid full transparency and in cooperation with the Ukrainian side and the ICRC. Responsibility for all possible consequences of provocations against the humanitarian convoy will rest entirely with those who are prepared to continue to sacrifice human fates for the sake of their ambitions and geopolitical plots, grossly violating the norms and principles of international humanitarian law,” the ministry said.

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