Russian drone attack caused losses to the ecology of Bug estuary worth UAH 40 billion

The State environmental inspectorate of Ukraine reported on February 14, 2023, that the damages from the pollution of the Bug estuary with sunflower oil, which occurred as a result of the attack of Russian drones on the terminal in Mykolaiv (a city in the south of Ukraine) on October 16, 2022, amount to almost 40 billion hryvnias.

Source: The State environmental inspectorate of Ukraine

“As a result of an attack by Russian drones on October 16 last year in Mykolaiv, the tanks of Everi LLC – one of the leading exporters of sunflower oil were damaged. The sunflower oil got into the water area of the Bug estuary from the damaged tanks. The area of contamination was about 750 square meters. 676 cubic meters of pollutants were removed from the surface of the water,” informed the State environmental inspectorate of Ukraine.

Inspection specialists established that the damages caused by water pollution amount to 39.9 billion hryvnias.

In addition, there was sunflower oil contamination of a plot of land with an area of almost 550 square meters. The damage caused is 1.6 million hryvnias.

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