Russian convoy illegally crossed Ukraine’s state border – Foreign Ministry

A Russia humanitarian convoy illegally crossed Ukraine’s state border, in violation of international rules and procedures, without the consent and escort of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Thus, Russia started illegally sending its “humanitarian aid” to Ukrainian territory, reads a statement posted on the website of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.
“Although the border and customs control services of Ukraine preliminarily began the clearance of the Russian convoy, this morning Ukrainian officials were blocked by Russian forces and removed from inspecting the rest of the convoy’s trucks, despite prior agreements and their previous invitation into the territory of the Russian side. We are concerned about the safety of our staff. Moreover, at this point no official from the Ukrainian government or the ICRC knows the contents of the trucks in question,” reads the statement.
The Foreign Ministry said that the fact that Russian vehicles had entered Ukrainian territory without proper border and customs clearance, and with a cargo that was not submitted in due course to ICRC, indicates the deliberate and aggressive nature of the actions of the Russian side.
“As we have previously emphasized, full responsibility for the safety of the cargo now lies with the Russian side. Please note that the Ukrainian side has taken every measure required to ensure the security of the cargo. In order to prevent provocations, all sides were given the instructions needed for the convoy to cross safely. However, despite all attempts by the Ukrainian side, contact between the General Staffs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Russia, which is critical for ensuring security around the convoy, has proven impossible. Please note that the route the cargo could take is under mortar fire by the terrorists,” reads the statement.
The ministry also said that the Ukrainian side does not know the content of the agreements between the Russian side and the Luhansk fighters and does not exclude the possibility of a planned provocation.
“We consider this act to be yet another flagrant violation by the Russian Federation of the key principles of international law, including the inviolability of borders, non-interference in the internal affairs of another state and the conscientious fulfillment of international obligations. We call on all of Ukraine’s international partners to join in a strong condemnation of the illegal and aggressive acts of the Russian Federation,” reads the statement.

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