Russian aircraft fired 4 missiles at the Odesa region, there is destruction: photos

The Operational Command Pivden (South) reported that Russian military launched a missile attack on the Odesa region (south of Ukraine) using tactical aircraft on March 14, 2023.

Source: The Operational Command Pivden (South)

“After entering from the sea, Russian Su-24 aircraft fired 4 anti-radiation missiles, presumably X-31P, in the direction of the coast,” informed the Operational Command Pivden (South).

The Operational Command Pivden said that the rockets were destroyed over the sea, but the debris and blast wave damaged a kindergarten and several private houses around in the Odesa region. Fortunately, there are no casualties.

“The Russian army once again reminded that the coast [the Odesa region  – ed.] is currently a front line and extremely dangerous,” added the Operational Command Pivden (South).

The last attack on the Odesa region took place at night on March 9, 2023, when the Russian army launched a massive missile attack. Russians damaged several power lines in the Odesa region.

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