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Russia will officially monitor the users of social networks

Russian federal executive body that monitors all media in Russian Federation, Roskomnadzor, has the right to check the personal correspondence of users of Russian social networks such as “Odnoklassniki”, “VKontakte”, email & IM Agent Mail.ru, ICQ, and blogging platforms. The list of monitoring includes also foreign organizations that act on the territory of Russian Federation.

The decree “On approval of rules for monitoring the activities of the organizers of the spreading of the information in information- telecommunications network “Internet” concerning the storage of information about the facts of the reception, transmission, delivery and (or) voice processing, writing, images, sounds or other electronic messaging of the users of information – telecommunications network “Internet” and information about those users” was signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev.

As it is said in the document the special agencies has the right to establish the fact of admission, transfer, and deliver of the messages, and view and analyze resources organizer distribution and all these actions by the special agencies are carried out without the consent of Procuracy.

In Ukraine social network VK is №1 for visiting, it is visited even more often then Google. Odnoklasniki and Mail.ru are in the top 10 for visiting.

TOP-15 of websites for March 2015, % of websites visited by Ukrainian citizens 16-55 years old:


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