Russia will be a threat for 5-10 years, – the Minister of Defense of Latvia

Russia will pose a threat in the next 5-10 years.

Source: the Minister of Defense of Latvia Artis Pabriks

According to him, it is important to change the thinking of the allies in view of the current threats coming from Russia. In particular, Latvia wants a greater presence of NATO troops in the country, which means more joint exercises, as well as the deployment of weapons and ammunition on the territory of Latvia.

Pabriks stressed that Latvia, as a host country, intends to work on the construction of a second training ground, so that the soldiers have a place to live and train. He said that this would be one of Latvia’s “homework assignments”. The country also pledges to spend at least 2.5% of GDP on defense “in the current difficult circumstances.”

“NATO countries understand our problems and our expectations. We managed to explain them to the Allies. Of course, this will not happen on the last day of the Madrid summit, because the summit will mark a number of things that both the Allies and we must do,” he said.

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