Russia wants to fully cut Ukraine from energy resources – Yatseniuk

Putin plans to fully cut gas supply in the direction of Ukraine in winter, including – in transit.
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk said, opening the government meeting Wednesday, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“The situation in the energy is difficult. We know about the plans of the Russian Federation to cut transit in winter – even for the EU member countries. And just for this their companies were ordered to maximum pump gas to storages on the territory of Europe. We know about the plans of the Russian Federation, the aim of which is to actually cut Ukraine from all energy resources,” Yatseniuk said.
He stressed that there is a joint position between the European Union and Ukraine. Since actions of Russia threaten both global military and global energy security. Ukraine proposed a clear market approach: either the common approach of Ukraine and the European Union is adopted or this case will be decided by the Stockholm Court of Arbitration alone.
Naftogaz of Ukraine has already accumulated 15 billion cu m of gas in its underground storages, also work is underway on diversification of thermal coal supply for substitution of its production in Donbas, ruined by separatists. At the international level, tripartite consultations are held of concerned leaders of the European Union, Ukraine and Russia, the Premier said.

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