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Russia wants reparations from Germany for attack on Soviet Union in WWII

As it was reported, on Tuesday, Russia’s State Duma have proposed to create a special working group that will assess the amount of compensation. Previously it was stated ‘to demand EUR 4 trln from Germany’ in reparations for attack on Soviet Union.

“In fact, Germany didn’t pay the Soviet Union any reparations for the destruction and atrocities during World War II. After the war, the Soviet Union government signed an agreement with the GDR on not levying reparations,” State Duma MP from the Liberal Democratic Party Mikhail Degtiarev said.

“No such agreements were concluded with the Federal Republic of Germany or the united Germany, so that’s why it’s an open question,” he said.

Earlier this year the new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras also announced the intention of Greece to submit a claim for reparations to Germany in amount from EUR 11 billion to EUR 50 billion. Germany isn’t going to pay compensations to Greece.

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