Russia threatens the EU for “blockade of Kaliningrad” by Lithuania

Russia has said it has “untied hands” if the European Union does not rectify the situation with the blockade of Kaliningrad.

Source: Head of the Russian Federation Council’s commission for the protection of state sovereignty Andrey Klimov

“The European Union, if it does not immediately correct the impudent withdrawal of Vilnius, will itself disavow for us the legitimacy of all documents on Lithuania’s membership in the EU and will untie our hands to solve the problem of Kaliningrad transit created by Lithuania in any way we choose.”

“The latter can be assessed as direct aggression against Russia, literally forcing us to immediately resort to proper self-defense.”

Earlier, the authorities of the Kaliningrad region promised to “propose measures to be taken by Russia” if Lithuania does not lift restrictions on the transit of goods to the region.

They also call the ban illegal.

Uaposition memo: The governor of the Kaliningrad region of Russia, Anton Alikhanov, said that Lithuania had stopped passing transit trains with goods that had come under EU sanctions.

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