Russia shelled Kherson, 3 civilians were killled and 1 injured: photos

The Kherson Regional Military Administration reported that Russian soldiers shelled the territory of the Kherson region 42 times on February 12, 2023. As a result of the shelling, three civilians were killed and one injured.

Source: The Kherson Regional Military Administration, the Kherson City Council

“Russian military fired with MLRS, mortars, tanks, and also launched a rocket attack. The Russian army shelled Kherson 9 times. Russian shells hit warehouses, a movie-concert hall, the territory near the State Administration building, and residential buildings,” reported the Kherson REgional Military Administration.

The Kherson City Council added that microdistrict Ostriv and the village of Antonivka were mostly under Russian fire in the Kherson region. Private houses and two cars were damaged.

“3 civilians were killed in the Kherson region due to Russian aggression, and 1 resident of the region was injured on February 12, 2023,” concluded the Kherson Regional Military Administration.

The City Council added that since November 20, 2022, the territory of the Kherson community has been shelled 1,991 times. Since then, 80 people have been killed, and 222 have been injured.

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