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Russia warns about ”possibility of new tragedies” if U.S. supplies lethal weapon to Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry has stated the possibility of ”new tragedies” in case Washington moves to supply lethal aid to Ukraine, according to an UNIAN news agency correspondent in Russia citing Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov as saying.

The Russian side will ”explain” to the new U.S. administration ”the history and status of the conflict in Ukraine,” Ryabkov said at the State Duma`s round table on U.S-Russia relations.

”The U.S. Congress demands that the deliveries of the so-called lethal aid [to Ukraine] start, therefore it is important that the White House and the State Department realize that this could result in new tragedies, and feel the responsibility,” said Ryabkov.

According to him, the Russian Foreign Ministry will contribute to Washington`s ”adequate perception” of what is happening in Donbas.

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As reported by RFE/RL earlier this February, two U.S. lawmakers (Senator Dick Durbin and Representative Mike Quigley) said the time had come for the United States to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons to better defend itself against Moscow-backed separatists, saying that a ”confrontational” Russian President Vladimir Putin shows no sign of easing the pressure on Kyiv. Earlier in December, the U.S. Congress passed the consolidated National Defense Authorizations Act, 2017, boosting U.S. security assistance to Ukraine to $ 350 million.

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  1. Hilarious on the part of the katsaps. Their measly 1.8% share of the world economy is hardly enough to be in a position to “explain” anything to the US. They invaded Ukraine and can either leave, or be defeated militarily. They are basically f**ked now with republican hawks in power. Poor Kremlin. Trump will bolster the US military to even higher levels. Russia cannot compete. lol

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    • Why russians live shitty life all of their history,although 1/6 of the world land they occupy.

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      • Used to occupy, down to about 1/8 now. And to the east of the Urals it’s mostly wasteland, anyway, with Chinese steadily creeping into its relatively livable part of the Far East and proactively ogling more. The whole “Russia” thing will be eventually reduced to the Moskovia proper – the way it ought to be in the first place.

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  2. USA meddling in Ukraine is pretty much over — a complete failure. USA wasted $8 billion dollars just to lose Crimea.

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    • As opposed into Russian meddling which has cast Russia more than 500 billion Dollars in lost trade and investment.
      And all you got was crappy little Crimea.

      PS: Ukraine’s GDP grew by 2%. In the month of Jan it grew by 5%!!

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  3. The moment a Russian says hello…. he is lying. Russians are vermin Nothing more to say

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    • They are really Putin’s GAVNO!

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  4. A US expert has estimated that Ukraine’s army has improved its fire power( weapons and skills) by x5 since 2014.
    Also on a scale of 1-5 they rated a -4 in 2014 and now are a 4.
    Dam good considering the obstacles they had to contend with.
    So Poroshenko should just tell the Russia foreign Minestry.
    “Bring it on Bit*h!”

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  5. The only tragedy is that Putin has not yet been taken out of the game.

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  6. Say goodbye to the land you stole not only in Crimea but Eastern Ukraine as well you megalomaniac putin with a small p, because that’s exactly what you are in the eyes of the World, just a small p that will soon be irrelevant.

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