Russia says launches 3rd line of ”energy bridge” to Crimea

The third line of the so-called ”energy bridge” to Crimea has been launched, Russian Energy Ministry reported on its website referring to Russian Minister Alexander Novak.
”After the early launch of the third line, the amount of power generated in Crimea will total 1,060 MW, excluding alternative and backup power supply sources,” the Russian minister was quoted as saying.
At this, Novak assured there would be practically no power outages on the peninsula after the commissioning of the third line.
In addition, Novak said the fourth line of the `energy bridge` would be launched within two-three weeks that would reportedly compensate the amount of electricity supplied from Ukraine.
As UaPosition reported earlier, power supplies from Ukraine`s mainland to the occupied Crimea were halted in December 2015. Currently, Crimea consumes electricity of own generation, uses generator sets supplied from Russia and is fed through the ”energy bridge” from Kuban. The facility is reported to be suffering from frequent shutdowns due to high loads.
Ukraine`s Verkhovna Rada officially announced that Crimea and Sevastopol were temporarily occupied by Russia on February 20, 2014. 

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