Russia pulls Pskov Airborne Assault Division to border with Ukraine

Russia continues to pull its troops to Ukraine: this time, the Russian military deployed an airborne division 10 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) information and analytical center spokesman Andriy Lysenko said this at a briefing on Saturday.
“Russia continues to accumulate its military hardware along the Ukrainian border. Thus, units of Pskov Airborne Assault Division of the Russian Armed Forces have been deployed to the village of Veidelevka, Voronezh region, 10 km from the state border of Ukraine,” he said.
According to Lysenko, in Rovenky, Voronezh region of Russia, the Aydar summer camp stationed a Russian tank regiment, from July 11 in Bryansk region continues the deployment of battalion tactical groups of the Armed Forces of Russia – 32nd and 35th separate motorized rifle brigades, which arrived from the town of Shilov, Novosibirsk region and Aleisk in Altai Krai, and the 120th artillery brigade of Yurga in Kemerovo region. “The personnel of these compounds are preparing firing positions, masking and strengthening location areas, and equipping field camps” Lysenko added.

09.08.2014 14:09

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