Russia not threatened with Maidan, but with Donbas scenario – Savchenko’s lawyer

Lawyer Mark Feygin, who defends Verkhovna Rada MP Nadia Savchenko, predicts social fallout in Russia, which, in his opinion, will at once turn into the “Donbas scenario.”
He said this to the “112 Ukraine” TV channel.
“I am looking at what is happening in Russia for a long time. And my opinion – everything will develop in Russia according to a completely different scenario than in Ukraine. Russia has much stronger factors that are constrained by force. The ethnic factor is one of them,” the lawyer said.
According to him, discontent is brewing along ethnic lines, both with the Russians and with the immigrants. A spark for the explosion, according to Feygin, can be a strong decline in revenues.
“Take Kadyrov, for instance. Do the authorities use Kadyrov to protect themselves from civil society? Of course, yes. And do Russian citizens like it? No. You only hear statements by Kadyrov … a radical change is taking place in the Russian society, but the Maidan will not occur there, there will be Donbas at once, since dissatisfaction with the authorities is hidden deep under a very high pressure there,” Savchenko’s defense lawyer said.

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