Russia launched a rocket attack on Ukraine’s capital and the region, there are killed civilians

The mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klycnko noted that Russian troops shelled the capital of Ukraine on November 23, 2022. As a result of  Russian missile attack, the infrastructure facility in Kyiv was hit. The residential building was also attacked in the Kyiv region. According to preliminary data, 3 civilians were killed and 3 injured.

Source: The mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klycnko, the Kyiv Regional Military Administration

“One of the infrastructure objects of the capital was hit. Stay in shelters! The air alert continues,” noted the mayor of Kyiv.

Vitaliy Klycnko also added that electricity was also lost in part of the city. Later, Vitaliy Klycnko said about few more explosions in Kyiv.

“A few more explosions in different areas of the capital. Rescue services and medics are on the scene,” wrote the mayor of Kyiv.

The Kyiv Regional Military Administration also commented on the explosions.

“In Kyiv, Russia is launching missile strikes on critical infrastructure. Stay in shelters until the end of the air alert,” the Kyiv Regional Military Administration reports.

In addition, Russia attacked with rockets the Kyiv region. There are missile “arrivals” in the residential sector and critical infrastructural objects of the Kyiv region.

There is information about 3 injured civilian as a result of the Russian rocket attack, as well as 3 killed.

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