Russia is responsible for the missile in Poland, – EU

Poland’s ambassador to the EU Andrzej Sados says that the member states of the European Union are united in their belief that the Russian Federation is responsible for yesterday’s fall of a missile on the territory of one of the NATO countries.

Source: Poland’s ambassador to the EU Andrzej Sados

“All member states stressed that Russia bears direct responsibility for yesterday’s tragedy, for the deaths of two Polish citizens. This is the result of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Yesterday’s event is a direct consequence of the massive rocket fire on Ukraine, Ukrainian infrastructure, and Ukrainian cities,” emphasized the Polish ambassador to the EU.

He added that yesterday’s incident happened because the Russian Federation carried out another wave of missile terror against Ukraine. According to the ambassador, the situation in Poland is currently the number one topic in the European Union, and it was discussed at the meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives.

“All European Union member states expressed their full support and solidarity with the Polish government,” concluded Andrzej Sados.

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